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Theological courses (Sunday school for adults)

In 2006 the Sunday school for adults under the Cathedral of St. Catherine restored its functioning. In 2008 it observed its first graduation, and 13 student s received their church parish school graduate certificates. In 2010 the Sunday school for adults was renamed into Theological courses . Today about 50 adults attend the school. The number constantly changes; everyone has a family, studies, a job, cares… The average student is of middle age, but there are also keen youngsters. Anyone having the will to study and develop can sign in. The course lasts 2 years, a grade per year…that asks for good constancy!

Classes are twice a week – on Fridays and Saturdays in 18:30. The first grade subjects include the Old Testament, Catechism, the New Testament and Liturgiology. The second grade studies the Old Testament, general church history, the New Testament, Liturgiology, Sectology. The courses are concluded by examinations – everything as in an ordinary school!

Almost all the teachers of the Sunday school also read courses in the Krasnodar Theological Seminary.

The principles of Orthodox Faith education courses contain the following disciplines:

Catechism - rev. Nicholas Anisimo ;
Liturgiology - rev. Nicholas Anisimov ;
Sectology - hieromonk John (Tverdohlebov);
The New Testament - dean Lev Gershanov;
The Old Testament - rev. Alexander Klochkov;
General church history – rev. Maxim Khanov.

The average duration of a lesson is 1.5 hours, sometimes a bit more, but the time passes swiftly: the speeches of teachers carry away. Each new lesson gives an opportunity to understand the process of the Liturgy better, learn more of the Church history and perceive the eminence of the Orthodox faith by the mind and heart. And that is the primary mission of the Sunday school – to give knowledge and give people a chance to be active participants of church life, not only detached observers. Students learn to read the Church Slavonic language, and volunteers serve on the kliros; that is to sing in the choir and read prayers during the service. Some graduates of the school sing in the choir already.

The head of the school is rev. Nikolas Anisimov. 

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