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Sunday school for children

This year the Sunday school for children under the Cathedral of St. Catherine observes its 20th anniversary.

In 2007 the school moved from the lower side-altar of St. Barbara into the new administrative building. Each Sunday the Christ’s pupils hurry to the two cozy classrooms. They’re different – little ones and the elder, the fidgety and the rather serious, but attend school with equal eagerness, where the loving and wise teachers tell them of our Orthodox faith.

The classes start each Sunday after the Liturgy. There are 3 groups: children from 5 to 7 years old (preparatory); from 8 to 11 and above 11. The youngest ones start with artwork.

The schedule of the elder includes:

  • The church calendar;
  • Scripture lessons;
  • Catechism;
  • The Church Slavonic reading;
  • Singing.

Traditionally the children unite in preparing Christmas and Easter performances, where bishop Isidor is always a guest of honour.

The pupils also participate in krai and city singing competitions, make interesting tours.

The head of the school is rev. Nikolay Anisimov, a staff priest of the Cathedral, and the permanent teacher through all these years is nun Barbara (Ershov), an experienced and wise teacher.

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