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Working hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00
Monday – day off.

The collection of the parish library is addressed to a very wide audience: theologians, teachers, artists and art historians, students, schoolchildren, retirees. The doors are open to everyone! Not only parishioners can register but also those who are making their first steps towards church.

The fundamental literature of the library are the patristic writings. The fund also includes hagiological research works, hesychasm and sectology literature, orthodox philosophers works, publications of modern theologians, patrologists and apologists, homilies of priests, Orthodox books for children, information on Christian pedagogy and psychology, illustrated books on history, art and literature. Amateurs of choir music can lend collections of spiritual psalms and precentor manuals. There are also media materials – audiobooks and films.

The library also disposes of a collection of Orthodox e-literature, a computer with internet available for its readers. An electronic catalog and card index of publications are being made. The library under the Cathedral of St. Catherine opened on the blessing of Isidor, metropolitan of Ekaterinodar and Kuban. The 3rd of December His Eminence Isidor with the clergy served the consecration rite. That day bishop Isidor presented the library a truly unique book – the basic work of prof. V.Lazarev - “Russian icon-painting from the origin up to the XVI-th century” in 2 volumes.

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