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Prayer in church


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Prayer in church

The teachers, the pupils and their parents gather regularly to a common prayer.

Each new school year starts with a special service (moleben) for studies and ends with a thanksgiving service. Both services are held in the St. Sergius side altar of the cathedral of St.Catherine.
All the families, our pupils and their parents, pray together for the health of our Metropolitan Isidor, for the head priest of the Cathedral, for the whole clergy, the benefactors of the Center and for all the pupils, their parents and their relatives.
After the exclamation of the confessor, Fr. Andrey Kravchenko come the childish voices of readers of the Center, and the rest of the children and their parents join in a united choir.
The services on the birthday of the Center and the Great Fast eve have become traditional.
“The Fast comes with the spring,
A new rite into our lives to bring.
Incense in the church, and candles burn
And words of the Lenten Triodion.”

Before each pilgrimage a service for travelers is necessarily held.
Every school day also begins with a common prayer. Pupils of the center and their parents gather in the “Svetolka”, where they praise the Creator and ask His blessing for a new day of learning.
Also the center unites for a prayer on significant events of the Cathedral’s life – on the Procession of the Holy Shroud, when carrying out of the Cross or relics of Saints.

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