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The position of the Centre

The Seed of Faith is an additional education institution that is dedicated to bringing up children in harmony with the Orthodox faith and developing their creative skills. It is a voluntary fellowship of children, their parents, teachers and priests for getting acquainted with the Orthodox family tradition as well as spiritual and liturgical communication.

The head and confessor of the Center is reverend Andrey Kravchenko. His assistants are matushka Svetlana Kravchenko and Elena Safronova.
Methodologist: Elena Safronova
Administrators on duty: Markelova Julia (accounts and organizational issues) and Golivets Svetlana (classes and IT support)
Matron: Gubko Viktoria.

Public work departments

The group of initiators (to assist teachers with organizing activities) are elected at a general meeting of the Center:
1. Organizing department: father Andrey, matushka Svetlana, Elena Safronova.
2. Game and competition department: preparation for competitions, round dances, games, riddles – teachers, parents (10 pers.)
3. Artistic design department: sewing costumes, crafting puppets, masks, decorations, hall design – teachers/ parents- seamers - 5 pers., stage designers - 5 pers., artists – 5 pers.
4. Scriptwriters’ department: poets, journalists, story editors, makers-up, stage directors.
5. Engineering department: electricians, light and sound control supervisors, erectors – 10 pers.
6. Workers – 20 pers.
7. Persons on duty – 10 pers.

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