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Admittance rules

The Center admits families of Orthodox confession with children of preschool, junior school or adolescent ages.
Everyone willing to apply to the Center has to submit the following documents:
1. Family questionnaire (filled in at the interview)
2. Health certificate (the standard form required at any children’s educational institution)
3. Copies of child’s (children’s) Birth Certificate(s) and of parents’ Passports
Parents are strongly advised to get consider the rules of behavior in the Center.

The Notice for Parents

Dear parents!
You are requested to study the rules of attending the Seed of Faith Family Center and follow them with zeal and responsibility.

Our pupils / students must come in time for classes, leave their outerwear and change shoes in the wardrobe on the 2nd floor.
They must be neat, with clean hands and fingernails, healthy and not hungry!
If a child is not feeling well, he/she will not be admitted to the classes. Remember, there are other children around!
The initial prayer begins 5 minutes before the classes. Please do not be late!
To keep order during classes and at recess, each group chooses a parent on duty, who helps teachers to maintain discipline and accompany children from one classroom to another according to the schedule.
A child is not allowed to leave the classroom by himself/herself for any reason – whether he/she wants to see his/her mom, wash his/her hands etc.! The parent on duty will go with him/ her and help.
If a child constantly fails to obey the rules, treats other children badly, disobeys the parent on duty or his/her teacher, behaves aggressively etc., he/she will be temporarily dismissed from the classes.
Children are allowed to use books or any other learning materials only at their teacher’s permission and under their parents’ supervision. If a child damages the Center’s property, his/her parents will have to repay the cost.
Dear parents! Please remember that all the books and toys have been collected by our staff with love and care for you and your children.
Please treat them carefully!
Respectfully yours,
the Organizing Committee of the Center

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