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Our cosy home

The Center was accommodated in the attic of the cathedral clergy house.

In September 2007 the renovation began, funded by the Safronovs’ family, benefactors to the Center. It was a hard job to do.
There were communications and central heating to be done, and the roof needed repairing. The work was in full swing, and the builders did a great job.

God also sent other benefactors, who provided the Center with carved wooden furniture, soft carpets, a slide, swings on which now children play joyfully.

The most ornate, light and spacious room in the Center is the “Svetiolka”. It is trimmed with wood, like a traditional Russian country house, it has a fireplace and a Holy corner. Everyday the children and the adults gather there to pray.
There are also other classrooms: “Creativity World”, “Igralochka” (“playroom”) - a sandbox.

“Razvivalochka” (“developing room”) – the speech therapist’s office.

A tea corner, a staff room and office accommodations – they are all for the pupils and the Center staff. As well as the children’s favorite – “Lawn of joy” playroom

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