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Visit of the royal family in 1888


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Visit of the royal family in 1888

From the book “The Streets of Krasnodar Tell…”
by student of local history Galina Stepanovna Schahova.

The September days of 1888 were tenderly warm. Rumours spread through the town, saying that the emperor Alexander the III-rd with his family; spouse - empress Maria Fedorovna, and two sons – Nicholas, the future emperor, and George - were going to pay a visit.

Ekaterinodar was decorated, beautified and took on an unusually dandy air. A former student of the Alexander’s non-classical secondary school M.T Zorin wrote: “There arose a peculiar cheerful anxiety in establishments and the whole town”.

The square of St. Catherine was also adorned and filled with people the day the emperor arrived. The distinguished guests entered the town through the triumphal, located on the cross of Ekaterininskaya st. and Kotlarovskaya st. (now Mira st. and Sedina st.) and specially built for the occasion. The cortège, in open carriages harnessed with pairs of black horses, proceed through the streets of Ekaterinodar in the direction of st. Krasnaya.

The royal family stayed for 3 days in the town, the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September. It participated in a public prayer at the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the ceremonial gathering of the military circle and the review Cossack forces. Street festivities passed on the town square and in the park.

On September the 23rd the emperor’s train, seen off by the people bidding farewell and shouting “Hurrah!” set off for Novorossiysk to continue the emperor’s voyage through the Caucasus.

The return from the journey to the South in October of the same year was darkened by a misfortune. On the station Borki the train had an accident. The royal family survived, and the public of Ekaterinodar in honour of the miraculous salvation decided to build a church.

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