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The Catherine’s Square in the 19th Centuary.


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The Catherine’s Square in the 19th Centuary.

By book materials of a student of local life
Galina Stepanovna Shachova.
“streets of Krasnodar tell…”.

The Catherine’s Square is a peculiar religious center of Krasnodar: opposite the Square, on the block between Sedina and Gudima modern streets along Bazarnaja street (Ordzhenikidse St.) a large town house of the Cathrine-Lebjazhsky male monastery was located, where besides townsmen, monks and monastic priests being in Krasnodar at the moment prayed in this church.

Little by little the Square was planted with trees and gardens. A local newspaper noted that “somebody’s careful hands planted and keep planting more trees here, but a fence wasn’t repaired and cows trampled down all around. The reason of insufficient improvement could be the fact, that for more than twenty years the Square was also commercial. When there was only one market (1853) left in Ekaterinodar on the place of children public garden and it couldn’t contain all willing to trade, it was allowed to gather markets three times a week where everything cumbersome was sold (wood, hay, straw, brushwood, firewood, etc.) and “products of primary need” were sold in small stores. These days bullocks occupied not only the Square but also pavements. At the end of the market it became impossible to pass because of manure and other garbage. Its fumes poisoned the air around the Square. This unofficial market functioned here until 1878 and this trade was moved to again opened country market (nowadays called Senoy).

The Catherine’s Square was regarded as the Eastern border of the town for a long time and behind the Karasun ( the present Suvorov St.) there was an oak forest. In 1880s it chopped out and the territory was sold for building. A railway had been already constructed, this fact attracted building investors and the appearance of the Square started to change. In 1885 the “Northern Caucas” newspaper wrote about it: “A year ago the Catherine’s Square was a waste land… with destroying izbas. For a year it changed so much that it is hard to recognize: a two-storied house of a lawer Solomka grew on the western side of the Square, in its South-Eastern corner – there was a huge brewery of Izdra town and K, on the Eastern side a huge building (according to Krasnodar) of a spiritual school was built and the supervisor of the school is building himself a house on the Northern side. The two-storied house mentioned above was not remained at the present time a technical college (former Sugary college) takes the whole block. The brewery is still situated on the mentioned corner. Now it is a private joint-stock company called “Fakel”.

In spite of the improvements, the opinion that the Catherine’s Square is a border remained for a long time. Refering to this, members of the City Duma in 1886 voted against the construction here, on “granted territory” of a female grammer school but they preferred to buy a place for it near the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (White), that cost 14-16 thousand rubles (which was quite expensive for that time), so there it was built (now it is the grammar school №36.

On the Catherine’s Square ceremonial measures started to take place. So, in 1888, in a day of all-Russian celebrations of 900 anniversary of Baptism of Rus, here all military forces lodging in Krasnodar were collected and from there in St. Catherine Church a procession to the Kuban river began after the Liturgy. During the cross immersion the first battery of Kuban horse artillerian brigade made 101 shot. After the watersanctifying the procession returned and accompanied by the ringing of bells in every church ( singing the “As Glorious” hymn).

After the World War II the Catherine’s Square ceased to exist when 4 four-storied houses were built around it. There was an official intention after the war to turn the square into a public garden and plant flower-beds among the trees. But, the decision was, evidently, forgotten. And so the square along its perimeter was built up with houses for the military at the beginning of 50s. It was a disappointing mistake of the town-planners, to allow to “hide” a architectural monument.

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