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Based on the book of local lore Galina Shakhova
"The streets of Krasnodar tell ..."

St. Catherine's Cathedral was the main Ekaterinodar church. In the lower part of the church there were burial chambers. Burias were also conducted outside behind the fence.

In 1911, the merchant I.P. Dobrovolsky's wife died, and was buried in one of the burial chambers in the lower part of the church. In memory of his wife, at his own expense he undertook to build the entire lower part of the church.

On April 3 1919 in the burial chambers of St. Catherine Cathedral there was the reburying of one the last pre-revolutionary Kuban Cossack chieftain Gen. MP Babych, executed by the Bolsheviks in Pyatigorsk in 1918.

In January 1918, here were buried "timeless victims of fratricidal war, fallen in battle at Enem. " Discovered during construction work, burial belonged, apparently, to them. This version is supported by the fact that one of the found skeletons was of a woman. And buried here were: "Commander 1st Kuban Volunteer Battalion Lieutenant-Colonel Golan, the female ensign Barkhash and a warrant officer Moiseenko. They were reburied with the burial service in one of the chapels of the cathedral. Perhaps their relatives are still alive, and who after reading this will know where their loved ones found their final resting place.

In the tomb, there was originally buried the supreme head of the Volunteer Army, Infantry General M. V. Alekseev, who also was head of the "special meeting", acting as the government under Denikin. He died of typhoid fever on Sept. 25, 1918. Before departure from Ekaterinodar (in 1920) Denikinites removed from the tomb the coffin of M. V. Alekseeva and took it with them. He was reburied in Serbia.

Information in this section will be added to the St. Varvara the martyr - a large burial.

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