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The Cathedral is the head church of the
Ekaterinodar and Kuban eparchy. It is one of the largest Russian churches, an architectural monument of our city. It is the centre of Kuban’s spiritual life.

The decision to build the Cathedral was taken by the public of Ekaterinodar the 17th of October, 1889 – a year after the terrifying Tzar’s train accident, which the august family miraculously survived. Shortly before the emperor Alexander the 3rd with spouse and sons visited Ekaterinodar. In honor of the salvation the decision was taken to build the majestic Cathedral with seven altars.

The building of the region’s largest cathedral took 14 years. The project was schemed by a talented local architect Ivan Vasilyevich Malgherb. The foundation was laid the 23rd of April, 1900 on the square of St. Catherine, where thenadays stood a decrepit wooden church of St. Catherine, built at 1814. The ceremonial consecration of the main altar took place the 24th of March, 1914.

The hard years of the cathedral parish came after the October Revolution; the Cathedral went through the “renovationism”, in 1922 was completely ravaged under the mask of help for the starving people of Povolzhye.
By a miracle it escaped the fate of the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevski. It was being prepared to be blown up, allegedly for bricks. Salvation came from the creator – the architect Malgherb succeeded in convincing the Church Destruction Committee that the destruction would be unreasonable. The 26th of July 1934 the Eparchy administration announced its breakup due to the small number of its members. The Cathedral was made a storehouse of.

The resumption of divine services happened only after the liberation of Krasnodar from the German-fascist invaders in 1944. A restoration was made by the celebration of the millenary of the baptism of Rus.
In 2014 the Cathedral is expecting to observe its 100th anniversary.

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