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October the 7th, 2010 was a great day for our youth – the long-expected issue of the first “NaVstrechu” newspaper was released. Its circulation wasn’t high, but that does not really matter. What matters is that it was created by our young people. We put our heart into the work, and that made it dear. Our paper might seem immature and requiring correction and improvement to an exacting reader, but please do remember that we are not professionals, just amateurs and that the paper has no analogues in Krasnodar.

Not only is it directed to the members of the Center of St. Catherine and the youth of Krasnodar, but to everyone, who hasn’t yet found his way to God. We try to make it versatile, so that it would be of interest to its every reader. For example, the column “This is worth it” everybody can share his preferences, not necessarily Orthodox oriented, which other readers might find interesting.

The “Our faces” column help the readers get to know each other better; it happens that one can be visiting our meetings for months without anybody knowing him and his likings.

Everybody has his personal experience, his view of life, which he can share in the “IMHO” column (In My Humble Opinion). If you have something you would like to tell about, you can mail it to na-vstrechu@mail.ru or leave in the Cathedral’s mailbox on st.Kommunarov, 52.

The “Events” column reports of the last month’s activity of our Center. And this list of topics is by far incomplete.

The chief editor of the newspaper is the Center’s spiritual counselor rev. John Makarenko (You can read about him in the first release). The only two specialists in our team are (between ourselves…) half-professional managing editors Chistyakova Olga and Shapovalova Helena, students of the language and literature department of the Kuban State University. But the lack of expertise is equilibrated by our eager desire to work and develop in the taken trend. You are welcome, if You care, to participate in this involving project!

Call +7-961-50-737-39 (Olga) for information, or visit our weekly YC meetings every Thursday at 18:00, in the great hall of the Cathedral’s administrative building. We are always glad to see You!
Your suggestions, wishes, responses and articles you can mail to na-vstrechu@mail.ru or leave in the Cathedral’s mailbox on st.Kommunarov, 52.

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