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The «Spiritual and Ethical Education Youth Center of St. Catherine» (YC) is a youth organization under the Krasnodar St. Catherine’s Cathedral (the crossing of st. Mira and st. Kommunarov).

The YС was created on the initiative of the clergy and parish of the Russian Orthodox Church and by the blessing of His Eminence Isidor, Metropolitan of Ekaterinodar and Kuban.

The Center exists since the 4th of September, 2009.

Its primary task is the realization of youth’s service in the Russian Orthodox Church.

The patron saint of the YC is St. great martyr Catherine. This marvelous saint is so honoured by the youth not only for being the patron saint of the town and Cathedral to which it belongs. In spite of her young age, St. Catherine is called the “wisest of orators”. Although she had a brilliant education, a talent for making money and arranging her life, these weren’t the reasons of her well-known wisdom. But the whole-hearted craving for the Kingdom of Heaven, despite the temptations of this world, made her fearless of torments and death. Thus St. Catherine may serve us as an example of seeking wisdom, strength of faith and love for God from our youth up.

The YC management:
Rev. John Makarenko - spiritual counselor.
Rafail Da Konseysao – head, tel. (+7-961)-509-63-47
Olga Toropchina – assistant director. Responsible for “Parish Consultation” tel. (+7-964)-934-12-14.

YC council (activists and responsible for activities)
 Ludmila Vlasenko – treasurer.
Xenia Panfilova – responsible for the singing circle (“The Orthodox Youth” ensemble).
Anna Ovasafyan - “The Orthodox Youth” ensemble leader, precentor on Liturgies.

The YC works in the following directions:

Weekly theme meetings for the youth.
Parish consultation service.
Spiritual and moral enlightenment street acts
Visits to children
Participating in the Liturgies.
Publishing – the “NaVstrechu” newspaper (=“towards”).
Singing circle - “The Orthodox Youth” ensemble.
Walking tour and pilgrimage trips organization.
A group in the social network website www.vkontakte.ru: The «Spiritual and Ethical Education Youth Center of St. Catherine»
Communicating with other Orthodox youth organizations.

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